Pick The Right Package And Packaging For Your Products

Designing a product is just the first step.  When you have a product, you will need to have some form of packaging around it to both protect it, allow it to be transported and to allow advertising and branding to occur.  When it comes to package concepts and materials it is important that you consider a lot of different components before making final decisions.

Unneeded packaging

package concepts and materials

First of all you want to make sure that whatever packaging you decide to create that you are not putting too much or too little into it.  There are some companies and products that will have a lot of excess materials in their packaging that really isn’t needed.  Items such as plastic, fillers and straps may or may not be needed.  With each of these added components we are increasing our garbage consumption and the cost of our deliverables.


The footprint of the package needs to be considered as well.  The larger the footprint of the package the more shelf space it will require.  When a product takes up shelf space in a store it needs to move quickly, or it will be removed.  So, consider this when designing your packaging.


You want to keep the advertising and the decals associated on the packaging to a simple level.  Having a lot of flashy colors and other markings on the packaging that doesn’t relate to your product can be a waste of space that could go to better use as well as confuse the potential customer as to what the product is and what its function will be.

With advertising you will also want to make sure that you follow all of the rules and regulations placed on you by the government.  You want to make sure that you have the age for the intended user, any warning markings and more.